Peripheral nerves take sensory information from the body to the spinal cord and brain and supply power instructions to muscles to allow body movement. Some problems in the musculo-skeletal system can lead to nerves being compressed or ‘trapped’. Problems with spinal segments in the neck and the lower back are the most common causes of trapped nerves, often in relation to conditions like disc prolapse, joint strains arthritis and spinal degeneration.  This can lead to symptoms in the arms and legs such as tingling, pins and needles, sharp pain or a loss of sensation and strength. Neck problems lead to hand and arm symptoms whilst low back problems lead to gluteal (your backside!) leg and foot symptoms, commonly called ‘sciatica’. Nerves may also be trapped at by neck and pectoral muscles, and at the elbow. Carpal tunnel syndrome involves nerves being compressed at the wrist causing hand and forearm symptoms.

How Osteopathy can help trapped nerves and sciatica

The pain and unusual symptoms caused by Sciatica or Trapped Nerves can be very worrying. At Chapel Place Osteopaths we work to ensure you have a good understanding of what is causing your problem to alleviate any anxiety. These are some of the most common conditions we treat and we are effective at managing them successfully.

Treatment is aimed at reducing the direct compression of nerve tissue and improving the overall moment of the body to decrease strain on the parts causing that compression. Techniques include traction and stretching at the site of nerve compression, joint articulation and manipulation and soft tissue work to reduce muscle tension. At Chapel Place Osteopaths we find that Medical Acupuncture is sometimes helpful at reducing pain from trapped nerves. We will also give you specific advice on stretching and exercises to help yourself and about how to use painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines effectively.

In some cases we may refer to your GP for tests such as X-Rays and MRI’s or in rare cases for a surgical opinion.

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