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What’s in the box

From the moment you open the box and read how to use the mask you will be temptingly invited on a journey of relaxation. There are detailed instructions on the box and the pouches. The pouches have a best before date. We doubt it will come to that. Inside the pouch you will find the jasmine infused Spacemask. Now just place the Spacemask over your eyes and the loops over your ears. Recline and enjoy.

Spacemask facts

The heating process works by a thin layer of iron filings entwining with the oxygen molecules in the air. It is totally safe. The ever so relaxing jasmine is in a low concentration. So you can enjoy its fragrance without irritating the skin.


Mood boosters are the latest beauty buzz. These self-heating eye masks relieve tension and strain.

THE 7 BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS TO HELP YOU SLEEP. Heating up when it comes in contact with air, this jasmine scented single use eyemask blocks out light and helps to switch off your brain as you drift into dreamland.

Something about the hot pack resting on your eyes makes all worries disappear. I’m even thinking of starting a cult.

Spacemasks’ Interstellar Relaxation Eye Masks are epic. Unwrap the pouch, unfold a self-heating, jasmine-scented eye mask, fit the wee loops around your ears and be whisked away from tedious earthly tensions.

When you shut your eyes does your mind still race? Join the club. Experience 15 minutes of relaxation with the help of these self-warming eye masks – as calming as an ice pack is refreshing and guaranteed to slow that mental whirring to a crawl.

These disposable eye masks automatically heat up on contact with skin. Although you’ll need to set an alarm – both times I’ve tried this I’ve fallen asleep, which is surely testimony to its powers.

After you have spent a day at the screen, the new self-heating eye mask from Spacemasks will be an extraordinary relief. Pop one on at night and feel a delicious warmth spreading over and around your eyes. A good night’s sleep is lovely in itself but there was a bonus the next morning when I saw my sparkling, rested-looking eyes – indeed, my whole eye area was refreshed.

My mind is always buzzing before bed. I’ve tried all sorts in the past – essences, pillow sprays, banning blue light in the bedroom – but Spacemasks have blown everything else out of the water. The heated, single use eye masks activate when the iron particles in them meet oxygen in the air when you open them up. They have a subtle, calming jasmine fragrance and they stay warm for 15 minutes – apparently. I wouldn’t know because I fall asleep so quickly every time I put one on!

Overnight products that make you look like you’ve had 8 hours sleep! Perfect to wear just before nodding off, when your baby is napping during the day or even during feeding time. Genius little ear hooks ensure they don’t slip off either.

Best anti –ageing eye masks. We defy anyone to use these without drifting into a blissful semi-sleeping (or, to be honest, actually sleeping) state. You get a pack of one-use masks that looks like a conventional eye-mask that you would wear to block out the light to sleep, but is actually full of iron particles that heat up naturally when you take the mask out of the pack and put it on. As the mask slowly heats up it releases a gentle aroma of jasmine, and as it gets warmer you get more relaxed. Cue 15 minutes of perfect rest, with the light well and truly blocked out, beneficial to mind and spirit and giving you the improved appearance of the truly relaxed.

The beauty mask that could help you sleep. This is a true cult product in the making.

A warm compress like this works to ease tension and encourages
circulation slowed by straining eyes over a screen – ergo, dark circles and puffiness.

Try reclining with a Space eye-mask. They heat up on contact with skin and,
weird as it sounds, are 110 per cent soothing, even at 1.45am on election night.

A self-warming eye mask that calms your mind and drags you off to sleep faster than…zzz

Containing iron powder which starts to warm up the moment you open the pouch, these velvety one-use masks are a true game changer. The heat instantly eases tension and abates any twitchiness. Rather than an obtrusive elastic fastening, they come with ear loops, too, which gently hook on and stay put. They only stay warm for about 20 minutes, but it could be longer – we’ve drifted off before we’ve had time to check.

Eye in the sky. Trending now: mile-high facials. Spacemask combines the functions of an eye mask and a face pack, soothing puffy peepers, blocking out cabin lights and even helping you drift off, with a warming effect and gentle jasmine scent. Pop one in your carry-on.

Genius little self-heating devices to relax your frazzled little face. Use on a flight and at your destination to give yourself 15 minutes of pure pampering. They definitely do the job, because I was so relaxed I fell asleep wearing one – and I have to say, it stayed on my face all night, which is unusual for an eye mask, so massive thumbs up!

Why Should I Try A Spacemask?

Relaxing? Don’t be ridiculous! Do you know how my day works? Sometimes you can be so busy that taking time out just doesn’t seem possible. This is where your Spacemask comes in. You are about to encounter Interstellar Relaxation. Wherever you are, at work or home, find somewhere to sit or lie down. Don’t be embarrassed about where you are. Everyone will be jealous of where you’re going. Within minutes of putting on your Spacemask you will feel it warm up and start to mellow your tired eyes and face. The soft jasmine smell will help to transport you away. Somewhere between Jupiter and Andromeda. Allow yourself to float freely. Letting go of the day’s frustrations and annoyances. For the next 15 minutes enjoy the space and freedom of leaving the Earth’s gravitational field. Your eyes and your head will thank you for the time to recover and reenergise. Interstellar relaxation no less.

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Bath, clean sheets and a Spacemask. Slept for 9 hours – boom!

Please please please stop accepting any late night orders from me…I’m going to have to get a second job to keep up with my urgent need to wear one every night!!!! Love them!

I received my Spacemasks last week and I have already used them all!  I have two young children and work and haven’t had a decent sleep in years until I tried these!! I have had the best sleep ever.  Also, being an optical consultant, I haven’t stopped talking about my experience with these.  Totally amazing and cant wait to order more! 

Spacemasks are fantastic!  We put them on before bed and we both fell asleep wearing them.  My husband doesn’t sleep well at all.  He hasn’t for years.  Last night he was snoring!  I haven’t heard him snore for years. Thank you very much, we will be placing many more orders! 

They really work! Had a headache for 4 days, went to bed, felt sick.  Got up, put on a Spacemask and slept like a baby and headache GONE!!

Been a nurse for 31 years….best ever post-night shift sleep…this could spread! 

Spacemasks are my new favouriting things.  I used the first mask the other night, simply lovely and totally relaxing.  The power of the mask is immense.  I woke the next morning with the mask still in place.  The warmth and aromatherapy dinginess is like a comforting cocoon.

All you tired parents CHECK OUT THESE SPACE BABIES (and anyone else who’s tired; so EVERYONE!)

By the way, I know you hear it all the time time but Spacemasks are bloody genius!  I’m currently having chemo and on the first day of each treatment, the steroids react to me and I cant sleep all night – so far Spacemasks have been the only thing that even gives me a chance of getting some real sleep on those days!

I just wanted to send you a quick message to tell you that I’ve been using Spacemask for over six months now.  I suffer from a lot of chronic medical conditions and ofter suffer from insomnia for which I’ve tried a million different things to help me sleep including sedatives and sleeping tables…but Spacemasks are the single best thing that help me nod off that I’ve tried.  They help me relax when I’m in severe pain and  sooth me enough to help me doze off, i use one every single night before bed and they have totally changed my life (I know that sounds dramatic!) They really are a total godsend and I want to thank you so so much.

Congratulations on curing insomnia!

I know you must get thousands of messages but I just wanted to tell you how amazing your masks are.  I’ve recently been diagnosed with epilepsy and haven’t slept properly in months due to medication, which in turn has caused me to have seizures and a few hospital admissions.  But last night I tried one of your masks and had the best night sleep in over 8 months.  I woke up this  morning with a different state of mind and much happier, my little boys even noticed.  Thank you sooooo much! x

Hi, I recently got a Birchbox order and this little package was in the box…After a long stressful day at work staring at a PC screen for the best part of 10 hours, I’ve come home, used one of your masks and have never felt better.  My sore and tired eyes feel like they’ve been in a dream,.  Even my partner wanted 10 minutes of it.  This has got to be one of the best masks around!  I cannot wait until January to get more.  I’ve not felt this relaxed in a very long time.

Hi Guys, I cant tell you how much Spacemasks have helped me.  My job can be fairly traumatic some days (I work in an intensive care unit) and I frequently get migraines. Your masks help me relax and reach a point of complete bliss…especially that migraine hangover the day after a horrible migraine attack.  Thank you for creating something so lovely and special.  I cant wait for pay day to grab some more!

I just wanted to let you know how fab your masks are.  I bought myself a box for Christmas because I was interested in the hype.  I suffer from regular migraines often for two three days at a time.  I’ve found by taking my meds and then popping on your mask, it sends me into such a deep sleep, I wake up and the migraine has gone!! Congratulations on your success and thank you once again. 

Your masks are literally the only thing that help me have a good nights sleep.

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